Confirmation on sending a message? Outlook has this and it can be *very* useful...

It would be good if there was an “Are you sure you want to send this message?” confirmation on sending a newly composed message. It makes you check who you’re sending it to, and whether you really want to say what you are saying… I find this really useful on Thunderbird and Outlook, also in case you hit ctrl-enter instead of shift-enter to start a new line.

Hi Chris,

You can just press [enter] to start a new line, no need to press [shift] + [enter].

This is not planned, exactly for reason which was written by user above me.

but if you want to be sure, you can uncheck “Send messages immediately” in Tools - Settings - Mail - Send, it will make emails sent only after click on “Send and receive” or hitting “F5” button on keyboard.


OK, thanks.

Accidentally pressing ctrl-enter instead of shift-enter is something I occasionally do to make a new line in the middle of a list item - but that is not the main reason I miss this feature that Outlook has -

As I said, it makes you check who you’re sending it to, and whether you really want to say what you are saying - which can be really important for a sensitive discussion.

I know it is a small thing but also as a Windows programmer I know how easy this would be to implement (- very easy!)…

It is not easy as it seems, actually “windows programmer” is quite wide term. commercial software can’t be altered or new features added every new patch.
Very often even smallest changes caused huge problems, I myself witnessed it few times.

Anyway this is really not planned. We have mechanics how to prevent this (described above) so we feel no need to add another one.

It’s written for .NET, probably in C# - very similar to the development system I use (C++ Builder - actually they had the same designer) - and while I know small changes can sometimes cause huge problems, I’m pretty sure this one would be very quick and easy and not cause problems.

Anyway, I’m using it free and non-commercially so I can’t complain! But I still think it would be very useful, and the “send messages immediately” option is not really the same. :slight_smile:

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