Configure text for uploaded files (nextcloud link)

Appending a file to an email, it is possible since version 8.x(?) to upload it to my personal Nextcloud. emClient inserts a standard text with a link to this file and if there is a password or an expiration date.

Is it possible to configure this text by myself? (Couldn’t find any template for it)

The current text contains (in German) grammar errors and does not correspond to my language style.
Also missing is the option to insert the text before the signature instead of before the actual message, so that the link follows the explanation instead of preceding it.

I have to escalate this – it looks VERY UNPROFESSIONAL sending e-mails with an incomplete/wrong text generated by emClient.

Current workaround: Avoid using upload function of emClient, insert link into your email after uploading externally.

Can you please make a list of the grammar errors in german and your suggestions how to change the text? We are open to change/fix that. However having this text completely custom is a bit complex task.

I would prefer single paragraphs for each information. Text in [brackets] is (in my opinion) obsolete – I do not need (want) a NextCloud hint. If you want it: Zum → zum

File link:

[Via Nextcloud ]Zum Herunterladen bereitgestellt:
<filename> <link>

If link expires:

Der Download-Link wird am <date, time> ungültig.

If a password is required:

Für den Zugriff ist ein Passwort erforderlich.