Configure signatures externally

In our company we have started to use a client instead of Outlook and so far everything works fine except for the signatures.

The signatures are currently inserted manually for each employee, with Outlook you could refer to an .html file which enabled us to generate and add information by a cronjob.

Here are some examples:

  • Reference to a fair in a period where we can be found.
  • Christmas or Easter greetings
  • Changing an employee’s positions in the company

Is there a way to integrate this in em client too? Unfortunately I can’t find anything about it at the moment.

I know that it is not a big effort to inform all employees that they should change the signature. On the other hand, we already have everything else for automatic matching, which reduces time and the chances of errors.


We have this function for Pro Business license users. The signatures can be stored centrally on the license server, and then automatically downloaded to the users devices when they open eM Client.


Have you tried to “Import option” in eM Client V9.x which imports HTML files.

Also when you create signatures in eM Client, you can eg: “right click” on the blank “new signature window”, and then click “Insert HTML”. Then paste your exiting signature html file source into the window. Or click “Edit Source” and again paste your exiting signature html file source into the window.

Thanks cyberzork and Gary.

The correct solution would probably be to upgrade to the license server. However, I will see how far I can get with cyberzork’s solution!