Configure font of »View Source« window?

I am using a “dark” design. I do not know which font is used to display the mail source, but I personally find it hard to read the code with this tiny font size and very thin letters.


I walked through the design setup, but I can not find any options to configure it to my needs.

Have I overlooked them, or do they miss?

I have to note that I am using a 4K monitor with 125% zoom. Maybe a HD screen shows this as good readable: Divide it by 4 and multiply it by 1,25…

viernes 02 julio 2021 :: 1623hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @NoSi1

I know what you mean, I haven’t been able to solve this so on the rare occasions that I want to view the source code in detail I cut & paste into UEStudio that I use as, amongst other things, my text editor.

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I know this option, I am using depending on the situation Notepad++ or PSPAD for this.

BUT: Is it really suitable to force a user to transfer something that should be clearly displayed – if it is displayed – to another program to retrieve the desired information?

If so, I would expect a configuration setting where I can enter my preferred editor to show code directly. An opening window where I have to »select all → copy → open editor → new file → paste« seems to me not very user-friendly.

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sábado 03 julio 2021 :: 1106hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @NoSi1

Frankly it’s not an issue for me as I rarely view source code and if I do I’ve already explained what I do and you seem to do the same, however, if I am suspicious about the origin of an email I look at the source code before I download to eMC although this is more often than not a waste of time with so many people using VPN.
If it is a big issue for you raise a ticket if you are using a Pro version of eMC if not you will need to wait and hope someone on the Forum can help you, but don’t hold your breath.

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Where can I place a ticket?

Obviously, only paying users can do. I have bought lifetime licenses and now, five years later (with a few issues up to version 8 - never needed „support“ – always error tickets), I get this on trying to log into my account:

We were unable to log you in as this account has expired. 
Please extend your support on

In my opinion, it should be possible for every user to announce errors or suspicious behavior of the program.

I am not willing to pay a fee for help in improving the product.

The support portal is only for those who pay for VIP Support. If you don’t want to purchase that option, then you cannot open a support ticket.

But you can post your questions, observations or suggestions here on this forum.

Therefore, I did. We’ll see if it helps.