Configuration Script?

I manage mail and web hosting for my clients and have been looking for a nice, user-friendly, feature-rich and thrustworthy mail client to handle this, which I could recommend to my customers. I recently found eM Client and up to now I like it a lot.

However, for a lot of users, the configuration of the mail client is a problem (smtp server, imap server, ports, …) and it seems that eM Client is not using the SSL settings by default. Therefore, I was wonering if there is a way to use an pre-configured script that adds a mailbox to eM Client. I would then create the script from with my control panel so that clients would be able to download and open it in eM Client. This would make email configuration a lot easier, and I believe it would also be able to let a lot of users decide to use eM Client.

Do you offer such a functionality (haven’t found it in the documentation up to now) or are you planning this in the near future?

Hello Wouter,
if the setup for your mail server aren’t set correctly upon automatic setup, I’d suggest first looking into changing your Autodiscover settings.
All account settings are saved in the settings file, so if you export it to xml with the settings you desire, all you’d need to do is push that settings file to your clients.