Configuration: IMAP EMAIL (not Google) + Google Calendar

Hello, how is it possible to configure the client to have imap email form a X provider and calendar from Google?


setup as 2 accounts

Hello Marcus, as Nick suggested you have to setup each account separately. To use the IMAP email with your calendar for accepting invites and scheduling items, select the calendar as your default calendar folder in your IMAP account general settings, or under it’s calendar tab if the service includes it’s own calendar option.

Hope this helps.

As a suggestion, should be better to setup all in the same account, having separately is not a good idea…

Unfortunately it is not possible to setup two services as a single account. Each account shares credentials for the service, which mostly differ among services.

Hi Paul,
Has this always been the case? I’m sure there used to be a checkbox for use different credentials for most tabs (calendar, im, etc) in the past which I can’t find now. My account stopped syncing after the last update and I had to delete and recreate, mail is fine but I can no longer have a single account for all services as I used to.
Sorry for the hijack Marcus.

Hello Matt, Google Calendar/Contacts services have recently shutdown the support for the old authentication options and will support OAuth 2.0 from now on, only. This may have caused the issue for the Calendar to disconnect in the past few days. Since however, eM Client 6 already supports OAuth, you should be able to setup the account from scratch and setup a new account with all your services supported for this account.

Or what service are you missing when setting up the account as new.

When setting up a new Google Account using the current release, you’re required to authenticate with the server and allow access to your mail, calendar, contacts and tasks items. You can later deselect each service and use only the selected services for example, your mail.


That’s what I currently do. I have 2 IMAP email accounts for my own domains, but use Google for Calendar and Contacts. I have my 2 IMAP accounts in eM Client and then have the Google Account in eM Client as well. Within the Google Account, I have selected to only use the Calendar and Contact services. It works seamlessly.

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