computer acting up--would like to save local folder info--how?

 Want to save local folders in EMclient 7.1.31849.0 (win 7 64 bit). My laptop is acting up and I am afraid of losing all my local folders. I would like to save to disk until I get my new laptop set up with EMclient. Is this possible?

The easiest way it to make a backup by going to Menu > File > Backup. That will make a zipped copy of your complete database including all data and settings, to a directory in your Documents folder. When you get a new computer you can install eM Client then choose Menu > File > Restore.

Before moving from one computer to another, you want to deactivate your license by going to Menu > Help > License > Deactivate. Once you are setup on the new computer, you can activate again using Menu > Help > License > Activate. If you do not have a copy of the activation key, you can get a copy sent to you by entering your email address at