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Recently installed and purchased eM Client. Everything seemed ok but when creating a email I now constantly get “Composing Message this may take several minutes” about 1 hour later nothing still the same. Constant Sync issues as well. No errors but forever syncing and not updating… Argh!!

Same here.  I am a long time user, and this just started.  Anyone else??

It all started with the most recent upgrade to eM.  Going back to 6.X seems to have solved the problem, though I had already upgraded to 7 before this, and the first revision of 7 worked fine for the most part.  I was initially thinking it might have something to do with my being on Win 10 Creators instead of Win 10 Anniversary, but I am inclined to believe not that this is not the case.

There are more issues as well, like the whole eM Client locking up if you go to edit and save an appointment to a Google calendar, and once it locks up, you have to end task through task manager.

I got flustered as my menu would work for a brief period and then freeze too.  I got tired of the DB repair process so renamed DbRepair.exe to DbRepair.exe.old

Now it’s suddenly working!

Hi Bill, I also have Win10 I will look at rolling back to v6. Thanks for the advise.

Hi Geoff, I will give the database rename a try. Thanks for sharing.

I have ended up creating a batch file to kill the app and automatically restart it as when it locks up its difficult for my staff to know how to kill the process. Not ideal but it will have to do until I find a better solution…

Hello everybody,

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re experiencing issues with the 7.0.30068.0 version, can you please install this version?
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