Compose Font selection

I have set EM client to display and compose using Arial but when I compose an email it keeps defaulting to Tahoma. Any clues as to what is going on? Thanks Mike

can you provide a screenshot of the issue?
Can you check the settings if the default font for composing new messages is still Tahoma or if it shows Arial?

Thank you,

I’m having a similar issue. I set my default compose font to Segoe UI Semibold.

it usually works, but often the font will change to Corbel in the middle of typing. 

Example, in this new message, i pasted text from another eM message. The font of the original source text is Segoe UI Semibold. 

Then i clicked at the end of one of the bulleted lines and pressed Enter to create a new line. When i started typing, the new line (which says “More than half” in the screenshot) was Corbel, _not _Segoe UI Semi –

– even though the lines above and below it are Segoe UI Semibold, and my compose default font is also Segoe UI Semibold.

How can i fix this?


this might only affect bulleted text, but i’m not sure.