completely removing em client

I need to completely remove EM Client like it had never been installed.

Back when I had a problem with T’bird I looked at EM Client as a possible replacement.  I fixed T’bird and deleted EM Client.  Now I’m looking at EM Client again and when I install it and do a copy of my current T’bird settings, EM Client assumes that I still have my old T’bird settings.  I’ve tried everything that I can think of.  How do I remove the hidden settings that aren’t deleted when EM Client is deleted?


Hello Ted,
you most likely need to remove your database (which is not automatically deleted when you uninstall eM Client to avoid data loss).
Default path to the database can be found in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Storage.
Simply rename or delete this folder when eM Client is closed and next startup will start with an empty database.

Well deleting that folder did force eM Client to act like nothing was there.  I can now import the settings but only for my Gmail account.  But the import for my Thunderbird account isn’t imported properly it’s trying to use the POP3 instead of the IMAP settings.  and none of the folders are brought over.  I guess it’s back to T’bird.