COMPATIBLITY and i am elderly

hi i wish to purchase your pro and i have 2 desktop computers in this office --one must be encrypted by law as we deal with the government and your pro is going on that and the other one i wish to use your free client software i also wish to receive e mails on my samsung note 11 phone all for the single e mail address we use .
is this receiving of all e mails on the 3 devices at the same time possible AND I HAVE SEVERAL YEARS OF E MAILS ON THE SYSTEM HOW DO I SAVE THEM TO A USB AND TO YOUR NEW CLIENT SYSTEM .
i am self taught and like all self taught i missed a class’s or two and i am too old to go back to school can you advise and i will purchase. thanks db

Unfortunately you can’t use a Free license on your business computer. Free licenses are for personal home use only, so you will need to purchase a Pro license for each device where you use eM Client. There is a substantial (50%) discount on the additional licenses. The phone app doesn’t require a license, and can be used for both home or business use without restriction.

Yes, as long as the account is setup using IMAP or Exchange, the messages (calendar and contacts) are stored on the server and accessed by each device that way. Anything you change on one device will appear changed on the other devices as well.

You can import them into eM Client. If you save them in a server synced folder, they will appear on all devices connecting to the same account. If you save them in a local folder, they will only be accessible on that device.