Compatible on macOS Sonoma 14 developer release?

I have stopped using eMClient and gone back to Apple Mail under the last two Sonoma betas due to the glitch that I and everyone have previously discussed when it comes to trackpad usage.

It’s still an issue on the latest beta issued this week.

I am not blaming eMClient for this issue. After all, we are taking the risks using a beta release.

I know Gary issued a fix for the initial crashing issue under the earlier Sonoma betas. I am hoping a fix for the current trackpad issue will be available soon. We are getting close to the final release of Sonoma which should happen in the next four weeks.

Yes, correct.

The glitch first appeared in a Sonoma beta update.

Then, a few weeks after that, Apple updated their current OS and the glitch was carried over to there.

Had no idea this was happening on Windows as well, which is odd, but clearly as you said, this is an eMClient issue and I hope a fix is available soon as it’s now unusable for me on a laptop.

I have this scroll bug also with the Magic Mouse from Apple under latest Sonoma public beta 23A5337A

I wonder if this is a difficult fix as there has been no update offered as of yet to address this issue.

We have a new version of eM Client ready for the Sonoma official release next week. You can find version 9.2.2144 already in the Release History.

Neither in message preview nor in a fully opened mail scrolling with mouse wheel or using scroll bar is possible. I am using latest released macOS version.

Just got the latest Mac “Offical Sonoma update pushed tonight”, and eM Client V9.2.2144 seems to all work fine. No scrolling issues at all for me using a wireless logitech desktop mouse with scroll wheel.

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With 9.2.2144 (ad62e4c) the problem is solved. Thank you.