Compatible *.dic anyware?

I just installed the eM client and wanted a swedish dictionary, and so I found a sv-SE.dic in OpenOffice. Then opening Settings/Send the application crashes.
Where can I find a compatible SE.dic fil to use?

About spellchecker dictionaries: we use netspell spellcheck format, which is very similar to standard ispell or myspell format. Main difference is that it defines words and affixes in only one file (in opposite of two files: aiff and dic). So converting from openoffice format to netspell format is a matter of several minutes. I did this process for swedish spellcheck dictionary from open office and you can download it here:… (just download it and unpack to dictionaries directory in program files and sweedish spellchecker should be now in spellcheck menu). Please note, I cannot guarantee you anything and I can’t really test it because I know zero swedish words. Hope this will help a little.

Thank You for the attempt!

Unfortunately did the app crash again when opening Settings/Send. Just as before converting.

However have I found the Thunderbird .dic half working allthoug it marks everything as wrongly spellt/unknown, and so has to be “taught” all words.

Settings/send is different issue I think, files are not opened and parsed at that momemt. But dictionary files should have correct filenames in format .dic, so for swedish it should be named sv-SE.dic (file I post link in previous post should be unpack first - it worked, I tried it) and no other files should be present in the dictionaries directory.

Aha! When retrying without any other file in the dictionary it worked!
Curiuosly though, the app crashed at first , with an error depending on not finding the sv-SE.dic file in documents and settings/user folder (?). Then when restarted rebuilt the removed dictionaries and worked.

Thank You!