Compatibility with NeoNova servers (powerxmail)

My ISP (True Vine Online) had been using Google servers for their email, but due to recent changes in their policies we are switching to NeoNova servers. The new service is supposed to be up and running, synchronized with Google for now, then we seperate next month. I have replaced IMAP and SMTP host settings from “gmail” to “powerxmail” as instructed, and diagnostics check OK, but am unable to pull in new messages. I do however see a bunch of test messages when I access by webmail. True Vine suggests I abandon eM Client to take up one of the platforms they have tested. Can you help, please!?

Hello Jonn, if your ISP has switched the server to another address and a different provider , try to setup the account again from scratch using your email address and password with the automatic setup. If the server is setup correctly new autodiscover preference should automatically setup the account based on the server setup.

Let me know if that helps.