Compatibility with EMET


I am currently running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with EMET 4.0.

My system wide mitigations are:

DEP - App. opt out
SEHOP - App. opt out
ASLR - App. opt in
Certificate Trust (Pinning) - enabled

When I add eM Client (MailClient.exe) seperately under apps, I am getting a stack pivot mitigation notification and eM Client crashes. If I run it just with system wide mitigations, it works fine.


can I ask you if eM Client is working alone? Anyway we have not tested EMET with eM Client as eM Client is written under .net so it can’t do any *stuff* which should be prevented by EMET.

so if you want to use eM Client with EMET I fear that you will need to find setup that works by yourself, because if eM Client is working good then it is problem on EMET’s side.

with regards

Hi John and thank you for your reply.

Yes, it’s working alone . I will keep using eM Client without EMET.

thank you for your updated info.

with regards