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Why do some people have a logo shown beneath their email and other people only have a large letter? How can I add such a logo to my emails?

That is called an avatar and is sourced from places like Gravatar or the sender’s website favicon. If the sender doesn’t have an online avatar, a monogram of their initials is used instead.

These avatars are for display purposes only, so not part of the message. Not all email apps will display them but for those that do, you can create an online avatar for your own email address using Gravatar, and the recipient’s email app should source it from there.

This is probably explained more eloquently in our Blog page about avatars. :wink:

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I already registered at Gravatar and also entered icons to my website but it still does not work. The icon is not shown in emClient for emails from [email protected].

There is an error with the favicon on your site, so that won’t work.

jueves 19 octubre 2023 :: 1835hrs (UTC +0100)

As @Gary says there is an error with your favicon.

First you will need to create a favicon from the avatar you created on Gravatar,
the easiest way to do this is using a Free online service. (search “create favicon” in Google)
When you have done this upload to the ROOT on your server and call it as below in the HEAD

link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“”

You will need to delete:
link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“/Images/Formatika.16.ico” type=“image/”

I hope this helps you.

You should also remember that avatars in Gravatar can sometimes take a few days to activate.


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Also: you should avoid some basic errors in your programming

  • You have more than one HEAD section.
  • All of your <link rel=… linked icons (except one) are placed outside of your Head section
  • All of your meta tags are also outside of the Head section.

There might be other errors. These are the first that caught my attention.


Gravatar will be for a specific email address. So if you have registered a Gravatar for one address, it will not apply to the whole domain.

If that is what you have now done, and also after changing your favicons, if the avatar is still not showing in eM Client, it may be because we update the avatars only once a month. It could take that long to refresh automatically, or you can manually delete the avatar cache, and it will immediately download the new ones from the Internet.

Close eM Client and open Windows Explorer. Go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. Then delete the Avatar Cache folders. Restart eM Client for it to start downloading again.

To Son-of-a-Gun and Gary:
Thank you for the hints! I’ll have a look.

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