Company and Job fields sync problem between eM Client and Google account


I have a problem synchronizing contacts between Google account and eM Client. I have tested 3 different scenarios and the results are as below (I use eM Client to enter the details):

  1. Company entry only - mixed entries in Google
    eM Client
    Company field - Company name
    Job title field - empty
    Company field - empty
    Job field - Company name

  2. Job title entry only - missing entry in eM Client
    eM Client
    Company field - empty
    Job title field - Job title just after I enter the details, but it goes empty after sync!
    Company field - empty
    Job field - Job title

  3. Company and Job title entries - merged entry in Google
    eM Client
    Company field - Company name
    Job title field - Job title
    Company field - empty!
    Job field - both entries merged here as: Company name, Job title

I have tried that on a few contacts and the result is always the same. I use eM Client v9.1.2109 (9967b93) on Windows 10.

Just tried various scenarios in both eM Client and Google. Everything synchronized as expected.
A long shot: Do you perform a refresh after each entry in eMC (or update contacts in Menu >> Settings >> Contacts)?

The only one I was able to reproduce was point 2.
After the sync, the Job Title is removed in eM Client.

@ Son-of-A-Gun
I do not perform any manual refresh or update via settings… the changes update/sync automatically, and the settings “Update contacts” is for batch changing “File as” as I understand.

You might be actually right :slight_smile: I’ve just checked my Google account and the details from Test1 and Test3 are correct indeed! I was checking and testing eM Client along with my Android phones only and the issue is just there, just as I described them. I have checked 3 different devices, I think all on Android 10, and the fields Company name and Job title are merged under one line only called Job (as assumed was Job title). But when we go to edit details there are two separate fields, same as in eM Client and Google Account. So maybe it is not even an issue, but more like a “feature”. Sorry for that and thank you for help sorting out.

But Test2 remains as buggy in eM Client… the Job title doesn’t show up when it is filled without Company name.

Yes, Test2 is a bug, and we are looking into it. Thank you for reporting this.

We fixed this bug for eM Client 9.2.

Can you please upgrade, if you have not already done so, and see if you still get this issue.

You can get the latest version in the Release History.