Compacting the MAIL_DATA.DAT email database

How does one compact the MAIL_DATA.DAT email database ? It got to 1.5GB but after having deleted all but 10 emails from it it is still at 1.5GB.

Please be patient, compacting the database may take a time, so I recommend you to wait a few days and the let me know if it helped.

how do we contact the database? mine has 148GB

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Mail_data.dat is 148GB … I though Archives create a different database … as well as Local Folder. The true is not… everything goes to the same database…

Now my email is extremelly low… I delete like 200K items and it takes for ever to empty trash… What can I do?

Archive does not work… a lot of duplicated items…

All your e-mails are stored in 1 database, also if you archive e-mails.

Did you manage to empty your ‘trash’ folder? I guess it should work, but it can take some time, especially if you have 200K e-mails in the trash folder.

Hi, compacting of database runs on background automatically, there is no way how user can interfere to this.

And 200k (200 000) emails will always take a time when deleting. No matter if on SSD or HDD it is very huge amount of small files and small files are terrible for computer to work with “efficiently”.