Compact the database?

I’ve deleted over a thousand emails, but the file size has not been reduced. It takes forever to backup the database.

Hi Don, if you’ve deleted your emails and emptied the trash, the database will still remain some of it’s data for some time.
After you remove some data, the database will start getting smaller, but it will take some time, it is not done immediately unfortunately, but you can run this tool
and after you run it the database should be smaller.

Hope this helps,

I run the tool and my databse is now larger

This utility rebuilds your database tables and removes unnecessary items from the database, If the database wasn’t reduced, I’m afraid all the database data are required. Are you using a POP3 account or an IMAP account synchronised with your mail server?


Same issue. Mail_data.dat is over 1GB. I’ve deleted around 250MB of mail and attachments, emptied the bin and run the dbrepairrebuildall.exe utility. A backup file has been created but the database size didn’t go down…

Em Client V7.0
Windows 10 Home