Comodo Cert import

Importing certificates for encrypted/signed ssl email.  Sorry if I missed it but i haven’t seen the answer while searching the FAQs.  Is there a procedure or cheat sheet I can follow to install a Comodo free email cert? It ends in ‘crt’ and the program doesn’t seem to recognize or install it.  To be honest, I’m a noon teaching myself encryption technology and I’m stuck  All help appreciated.


Have you solved the problem? I am stuck at the same problem :wink:

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I also had this issue and my solution was to use Firefox browser to both generate then retrieve the certificate.
When generating the certificate, make sure that the comodo site is granted permission for Key Generation.
After retrieving the certificate (using Firefox), export it in the p12 format.
In eM Client, import the p12 format and place it in your Personal store. 

Hope this helps!

thanks a lot for your reply!
Using the trick with Firefox and the export as p12 worked like a charm!

This should be added to the FAQ and manual of emClient!

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glad to hear you managed to export the certificate in correct format.
Thank you John for providing the solution.



My solution was to use IE 11 for cert generation and download.  It seemed to work fine after that.  FYI - i am using the EM Mail client:

ALSO: once you get your certs working, or if you’d just like to test if you have gotten it right please send email to me at  I’d love to practice sending and receiving encrypted/signed emails with you or anyone else who wants practice :slight_smile: