Comments about eM Client operations

I have been using eM Client for a couple months now. At first I was impressed with the way the program works. Then I discovered that I could only have 2 e-mail accounts using the “free” version. That makes it inconvenient to have to use 2 different e-mail programs to get all my mail.
Then I discovered even more things I like about eM Client that made me think about purchasing the full Pro version. Then, today, I decided I would recommend eM Client to one of my friends. I thought that was what I was doing but I soon discovered that eM Client had, instead, e-mailed EVERYONE in my contacts list. I don’t like that AT ALL!!! Now, I have to rethink whether I want to pruchase the Pro version or find another e-mail program to use. I hate programs that do these kinds of things!

are you sure you that you had selected only one contact from the contact list?

Absolutely! I’m positive I only selected one address. Obviously, ALL addresses were already checked before I started the process and I didn’t notice. When I selected my address, it eliminated that person from the list. I DID NOT SELECT MORE THAN ONE. How did all the addresses get checked? Why, when you quit working with the address book, doesn’t it revert to NO ADDRESSES CHECKED?

I checked and when you try to recomment eMClient using e-mail, my address book comes up with ALL ADDRESSES CHECKED! NOT EXPECTING all addresses to ALREADY BE CHECKED, I selected the one I wanted … unfortunately, that was an oversight I regret.

I shouldn’t have to uncheck all addresses before I can select the one I want!!!

I’m afraid this situation is a deliberate attempt by eMClient to get us to recommend them to our entire address book. I just did a retry of my original attempt to recommend eMClient. I UNCHECKED all the addresses and selected the one I wanted. It worked fine. BUT!!! I went back and attempted to recommend eMClient again and , GUESS WHAT, All the addresses were checked again … even after I had unchecked them in the last session. Deceptive, to say the least!!!

Mr. Wilson, I do appreciate your input. Unknowingly, I had selected more than one address. I guess eMClient is another of those programs where you have to be highly alert or the program will have you doing something you didn’t want to do!!