Commenting on an existing email

I am hoping there is a simple answer for this. If I want to respond to an email and add my own comments, is there a way for:

1-adding initials?
2-different color by default
3- Bold or Italic?

Thanks in advance

When you reply to an email you should see this

You should be able to find the options that should satisfy most if not all your wishes

eM Client allows you to specify different templates to use for replies, forwards or new mails. So you could have your text in italic blue by default for replies, and original black for new messages. That applies to the default area for your text. See 1 below.

But I think you are asking about having your text in amongst the original text and in a different format so that it is more identifiable. A template will not facilitate that in position 2 below. For that you will need to use the text formatting icons as @sunriseal suggests, to select and format the text manually.

Thank you.
Yes I am aware of the templates for replies and forwarded. As you correctly understood, my question with related to text within original message.
Thank you both.

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