Command w doesn't close windows on mac

command w doesn’t close windows on mac

mac standard command - command w - it doesn’t work and there is no work around

please fix


make new email message

command W

window doesn’t close

expected behaviour windows closes

how to close window? move mouse and click red dor

command w doesn’t close windows on mac

mac standard command - command w - it doesn’t work and there is no work around

Command w works for me using eM Client Mac V9.2.2230 and V10 Beta on Mac Sonoma 14.3.1

So could be your Command w shortcut key has changed in eM Client Shortcut Settings.

Or you might possible have the Mac OS System / Modifier Command and Control keys reversed.

Or you could be possibly using an older version of eM Client and might need it updating.

Or your Mac OS might need updating.

So first click “eM Client / Preferences / General / Shortcuts” as in the below Mac V10 Beta example screenshot and make sure the Command w is still set correctly for that Command w close shortcut.

Next go to your OS System Settings / Keyboard / Keyboard Shortcuts and check if the Control and Command keys have been reversed as in the below example screenshots as that might be why its not working. I do that on my own Mac as i prefer it like the PC keys where i then press Control w instead.



Also check your eM Client version that you have the latest version. You can see and update eM Client via the release history page. If you do update, close eM Client before updating and also make a backup of your current version before updating via “File / Backup” incase you need to restore for any reason. You can view when the backup is complete via clicking the dropdown arrow on the right of Refresh top left and clicking Show Operations.

Lastly make sure that your Mac OS is up to date. eM Client supports the last 3 Mac OS releases.

please watch the gif! it’s not good.


the goal is that it works for me… :slight_smile:

i am using the keyboard on my mac book

Version: 9.2.2230 (82bdd89)

Sry i carn’t reproduce that same problem on my Mini Mac (M1) and B/T Logitech Mac keyboard with Sonoma 14.3.1.

Could be something going on with your Mac book keyboard or something differant in the OS. Dunno. Unfortunately I don’t have a Macbook to test. Other users though on this forum can give feedback on that if they have that same issue.

The only thing i can suggest is eg: Try uninstalling eM Client via “first closing eM Client” and then dragging the eM Client icon from “Applications to the bin”, and then reinstall V9.2.2230 via the release history page. Removing eM Client from the Applications folder doesn’t delete the database, it just removes the actual program part of eM Client.

Or try the updated new V10 Beta which i have also been using which also works fine for me with the Command w key. Also has alot more features and user requested options added as well. If you do update to try V10 Beta, make a manual backup of V9.2.x first via “File / Backup”.