Command line switches for email and calendar


I’m a software engineer and I run three screens. The left and middle are for doing stuff, and the right-hand one is for me to see important stuff quickly, e.g. email, calendar, etc.

I’d like to be able to create desktop shortcuts, windows 10, to eM client email and eM client calendar. Is there a plan to introduce /email and /calendar switches?



We don’t have command line options other than to start the application, or repair the database, but you can use the keyboard shortcuts while the application is in focus. You will find them listed in Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

That’s what i want, switches to start the app and automatically load email or calendar

This may help. It starts the application from the command line, but in a specific section:

Otherwise you can specify which section or folder is opened by default on start in Menu > Settings > General > Show on Startup.

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Good man, thank you so much :slight_smile: