Comcast/Xfinity SMTP port change

Folks having problems with eM Client using Comcast/Xfinity please be aware that they changed their SMTP port. Port 25 no longer works. Three ports are available to choose from; 995, 587,465.
I tried 995 with no luck, 587 worked for me. You may have to try each one until you find the one right for your computer.
I have seen questions about this and thought I would pass on the information.


Hello Richard, thank you for sharing details about this here with us, I’m sure this will come in helpful.

Note that the port eM Client is using is also dependant on the security option selected below your port, port 25 often uses no security profile whereas 995 and 587 are using a form of SSL security. 

Also make sure no security application is blocking the connection to these ports in order to let the application connect to the server.


And of course 995 is the POP3 protocol and not SMTP.

Has anything changed with Comcast recently? I had eM Client running on my Mom’s computer and it recently did an update. Also at the same time it was said her free license wasn’t activated so receiving emails was restricted. I got the license key and re-activated it through the client, but it still won’t connect. I didn’t change any pop3 settings at first. I did call Comcast, and they said the client isn’t on their supported list so they can’t help me. I asked them for the server and port info at the least, but when I put it in, it still gives the same message… can’t authenticate at the server, check email and password. I know both are correct (and I reset just to be safe - still didn’t work). Any thoughts?

One of my accounts is comcast and, it checks it without issues: Here are my settings.

port 143 force usage of ssl/tls
use identity credentials ( don’t know what that is, but guess it is direct connection to comcast )

force usage of ssl/tls
Server requires authentication
use identity credentials

Thank you Steve! I will give that a shot, really appreciate your response!