Comcast POP port 110

Comcast recommends port 995 for their POP server, when I use it, emclient won’t receive emails, when changed to 110, it works fine.  With Thunderbird email 995 worked.  Anyone else finding this?

Try using “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)” for the security policy.

Yes.  I use port 110 for Comcast.  Have been for quite a long time now - couple years, I think.  But what Jay suggests might work, I suppose, for 995.  Haven’t tried it.

Jay’s fix worked.  I tried doing some reading on port 110 and seems it’s a little dated and not really recommended.  Of course this was a great day to try out em client as Comcast starting having email
issues and then went down for a while.  Thanks Jay and mustangace.