Combining inboxes

I have several email addresses, I would like all emails from all accounts transferred to my main email account. Can this be done? Thank you.

If you really want to move the messages to a single account, you can use a Rule like this (create a separate Rule for each account):

But there are disadvantages to doing that. For example, when you then reply to one of those moved messages, they will be sent using the email address of the account you moved them to, rather than the original account they were sent to. You will need to remember to manually change the from address every time, and then the sent message will be in the original account and not the Sent folder of the combined account. So you need to add another Rule to move messages on Send like this (create a separate Rule for each account):

But that won’t work with most accounts as the server itself creates the message in the Sent folder on the server, so the Rule won’t function.

A better option, without moving messages, is just to use the Favorites folders. They are already setup to give you combined views of all accounts, so the messages will remain in their original locations but be displayed in a single folder.