Combine Pro and Free License

I was using EMClient Free version but as I wanted to support the great software I decided to purchase the Pro version. Also I installed the software on my Laptop assuming that I can use it on both my devices at home. As it turns out it is not possible to use the software on both devices. This is very dissapointing after having paid for the Pro version. I would assume that it is possible to use the Pro licence on two devices at home, at least it has to be possible to use the Pro version on one device and the Free version on the other one.

I would suggest to then setup another free email address (if you haven’t allready) to then get another free EMCLient license for your other computer. eg: A good free email address site is . Once you have created a free email address, then go to to register and get a free license.

Ps Allways good to have an alternative email address anyway for security reasons incase you get locked out of your main email address.