combine contact lists

I have a POP account and an imap gmail account. How can I combine or merge the two different contact lists?

Hi Joe, there’s no function or feature that would allow you to do this automatically, but you can always copy the whole content of one of your contacts folder and move it onto your gmail contact’s folder or the other way around.
You should also be able to drag and drop the whole contacts folder onto another account (such as gmail).

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Which folder is the contact folder in emclient? My mobo crashed and I had to reinstall EmClient. While the old C: drive is intact I’d like to get my contacts list from it. I figured I’d just copy that folder to the new client but can’t find it.

If you go to Contacts in eM Client, there’s a list of accounts with folders sorted below the accounts, there’s usually multiple folders (groups). Just copy the content of the folder and move it to another folder if you want to merge it into that folder.


The old Client won’t run because it’s not installed on the new motherboard/c: drive, and I see no folder “Contacts” in either the old or new installation.

Hi again mark, see the screenshots below, this is all in eM client, so you need to have a working instance of eM client.

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This is what I see:

Well, that didn’t work…

Can you make a screenshot of your account setup from Tools > Accounts?
If you’re using an IMAP gmail account you should see all your accounts there with assigned folders underneath.

Check if you have the Contacts/Calendar/Tasks service enabled in your account settings.

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