Columns Configuration: Folder

Could you add the option to select “Folder” from available columns in the eM Client columns configuration, please?
It’s useful when reviewing search results and want to know in which folders the found messages are kept.



This option is already available, but may depend on the version of eM Client.

Are you on Windows or Mac and which version of eM Client ?

In which folder do you call the Columns Config via the header?

I’m using v 7.2.34711.0  and it shows like this…


More detail when “Folder” is added.



Hi Peter,

That’s the exact feature I’m missing. I also use eM Client v7.2.34711.0 on Windows 10.

There’s no Folder category available for me no matter when I right click the columns row to configure it.

I tried disabling messaging panel thinking it would decrease the configuration choices if there was less space on screen but no luck with that either.

Can you think of anything that will influence the choices available?

Hi Jes,

Thanks for the feedback.

There is no indication that you are in the Search folder.
It;s via one of the column headers there that you invoke the Columns Config

That’s why I specifically added the location in red in my screenshot.
Without it you wouldn’t know in which folder I addressed the Columns Config

Put a general word in Search, do the Search and then do the  Config exercise again.
in the resulting folder.

If you are using Gmail, you will not see a folder option, as there is only one real folder, which is All Mail (OK, also junk and trash).  Instead use categories, which is Gmail’s version of folders (eM Client displays categories as “folders”).  Since there may be multiple categories attached to a message, this is the only way to accomplish what you want. 

Hi Jay,

I’m not so sure that Gmail is the problem.
I’m more convinced that somehow Win 10 is “at fault” or the interaction by eM Client and Win 10.

I’ll tell you why.

My screenshots are from Win 7 and every single folder, in my 2 accounts,
including a Gmail account, shows “Folder” in every Columns Config.

I also have access to a machine with Win 10 - v1803

The person there also has a Gmail account and an account
and NONE of them show “Folder” in any of the Columns Config panels.

Both machines are on the latest version of eM Client - as indicated in my answer above.

Is there another setting somewhere that would infuence the presence of “Folder”
in the Columns Config panel?

It isn’t Categories as far as I know, because both machies don’t show Categories by choice at the moment.

Hi Peter,
I explained myself poorly and wanted to say that no matter if I try the column config in a search result or on other screens, I only get the available items in my screenshot and “Folder” is not one.

@Jay: My mail server is on and I believe it uses the good old folder structure. But I do get your thought about GMail which is built on a label/tag structure. The Categories column doesn’t help me here - I tried it and to no avail…

I’m happy to see the feature ought to be available so maybe just a Win 10 bug like you mention…


Hi Jes,

Thanks for your reply.
“I explained myself poorly …” 
Not really - I understood wat you meant, but only your screenshot was not of the Search results folder. There is a slight difference of availlable items in the Columns Config panel, dependent on which folder you’re in.

However, I wrote that post before I had access to the Win 10 computer.
Both your answer and that of Jay.regarding Gmail,  prompted me to try this on a Win 10 machine…

I get all my “virtual folders” -( Labels in Gmail )- so that’s not the problem.

So the problem with eM Client not showing the Folder item in Win 10, is either due to
eM Client or Win 10 or both.

I’m counting on eM Client staff to enlighten us about the reason…
There is enough info in this thread to determine what’s going on…

We can’t be the only ones that have run into this problem…


IMHO the problem has nothing to do with either eM Client or Win10. The “culprit” is the Conversation View. If you have the conversation view mode on (as it is as default) you don’t get the folder column. You need to go to _ Tools>Settings>Mail>Read _ and choose Disable Conversations.  


As is so often the case, you’re answer is right on +++++++++
Thanks very much - that solved it…

The problem lies in the fact that Conversation View is set as Default whether needed or not, but should not affect the items shown in Columns Config nor be applied to
all folders.

Apart from that, why shouldn’t an item like " Folder" be shown ?
You would still like to be able to see or  know in which folder the conversation resides…

Conversations settings are only present and chosen (or not) in _ Tools>Settings>Mail>Read
The ramifications of the choice are far from intuitive and in IMHO a flaw in the coding…

Actually you don’t even have to go as far as Disabling Conversations to correct this.
Even _ Tools>Settings>Mail>Read _  and choosing  Show conversations in message detail only ,will solve the Columns Config items shown.

Like I said, I find this totally counter intuitive and making no sense.

Thanks again and saving the day  :slight_smile: