Column Configuration

What happened to column configuration that became so dull in version 7 ?

Hello Yishay,
some columns options are not available with the Conversation view enabled.
Is there any special column that you are missing? What do you mean by the current configuration being dull?


I agree with Yishay.

When I try to add any new column to the “Select Contact” window, nothing happens! The default columns (Full Name, File As and Email) are the only ones that stick, any other are ignored.

I would like to add “To” in the message list (in order to show who I have sent emails to) but this does not seem to be available as an option in the Columns Configuration list. Is there any way round this?

By default the TO field is only available for the Sent folder. That is because in the Inbox, they are all sent to you.

However, there is a way to get this in the Inbox, but you will need to change two preferences:

  1. Disable conversations by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations as @Olivia_Rust mentioned above.

  2. Change to a single line layout, which you can do in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List. In the very last option on that page you can disable the compact layout, and choose to always show a single line layout. Click on Save & Close, then modify the columns to display TO.

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Thanks for the reply, Gary.