column configuration in eM Client 7

I just switched to eM Client 7 and I was wondering how to set up the “column configuration” in emails to show SIZE of the email.  That was one of the choices in eM Client 6.  However, when I right click on configure, SIZE is no longer in the list of choices.

I right click on top of columns, anywhere - where there are titles and I can choose what to show.

Thank you…yes, that is what I am doing, too.  However, in eM Client 7, “size” is no longer on the list of what can ‘add’ or ‘remove’  the choices now are: Icon, From, Subject, Rec’d, Attach., Acct., Category, Flag, Msg Count & Sent.  That’s it.

I missed size too

I have size!

Could you let me know whether you are running eM Client 6.xx or eM Client 7.0.2?  I lost ‘size’ when I made the update to 7.

Apparently, size does matter.  ;)  

I’m still with eM Client 6 Pro, as I just recently purchased it (2-3 months ago).  I would eventually like to upgrade to 7, but for now (excluding the cost for a new Pro license) I’m reading more reasons why I should just wait.  Perhaps they will eventually program some features back in that could appear in an update?  

Version is 7.0.26134.0, updated from 6.

Version 7.0.26432.0
no size

Thanks for showing where it is.  :)

Sensible idea, imo.  I also found syncing problems with my Outlook server to the eM Inbox—sync, even now, is incomplete, with messages on my server Inbox that do not appear in my eM inbox.
Also experiencing problems with addresses in bcc not being acted on, so no bcc’s get sent.

and I want to set the coloumn config to all folder
I want this option too

Mysterious. You’ll have to wait for somebody who knows

I have access to v. 7.0.26453.0 and v. 7.0.26356.0 and “Size” is present in both. “Size” has been present in every other version that I have used. If, for some reason, this option is not present in the versions you are using, try downloading v. 7.0.26453.0 from .
One other thing; could “Size” be hidden out of sight at the bottom of the list under “Show these columns”? Be sure to click on the down arrow below “Show these columns” to scroll down.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I checked again to ensure that I didn’t miss something.  I can confirm that ‘size’ is not a column choice in the v. 7.0.26453.0 that I am running.  As it is set up now, I have: Icon, From, Subject, Rec’d, Attachment in the “Show” and, Acct., Category, Flag, Msg Count & Sent in the “available”  Nothing seems to be out of scroll/hidden, etc.
I’ll wait a tad to see if a mod opines, and then try re-installing from link you provided.
FWIW, I am also having a problem w/ addresses in the bcc field not being acted upon, so my bcc’s are not being sent.  I started a separate thread for that issue.

reinstalled, but no size to see
where is show these coloumns?
no size
after reinstallin- version upgradet to Version 7.0.26482.0

To Sascha et al,:
No. You will find “Size” by right clicking on “Received” (“Sorted by Received”) at top of email list, then left click on “Column configuration…”. It should be there.

Modification of above… Right click on “whatever you have chosen to sort your emails” in the heading at top of email list displayed as “Sorted by (whatever you have chosen to sort your emails)”.

no size

the Size column option is not available when you have Conversation view enabled in all views, as it is not possible to calculate the Size of a whole conversation in the Message list.
When you use the options to Disable Conversations or Show Conversations in Message Detail Only you will be able to see the Size column because the message list will always include just one item.
To change your Conversations settings go to Menu> View> Conversations.