Column configuration: Folder & Accounts not shown

When doing column configuration folders and accounts are not shown.
This is REALLY ugly because I handle my mails by differentiating between private and business accounts.
Please look at my attachments

Hi Jurgen, not completely sure if I understand, are you having issues with displaying the message’s headers in the list of messages while using the column configuration window?
Or what exactly is the issue?
Not sure how is this connected to handling different mail accounts.

Thank you for clarification,

The attachment shows it pretty clear. I want to see informations regarding accounts and folders in the list of messages but they are NOT shown. I only left the configuration window open because I didn’t wanted to take two screenshots.

Ok I think I understand, the columns you’ve configured will not be displayed in the view you’re using.
You have to switch to the messages on the bottom layout in View > Layout to view all these details.

Hope this helps,

Ok, thanks,
but what about putting those missing information in it as well. I prefere the “message on the right”-view

Hi again, that’s not possible due to limited amount of space in this view.
If you resize the list in this view it will be shown as well.

Thank you for understanding,

Oh, Yes, you are right. Thanks for the hint

Glad I could help, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,