Colouring weekends in the Calendar

This has been mentioned a number of times in the past, but how can I colour weekends differently to weekdays in the Calendar?

Details like this are important to me as I’m trying to move away from gCal altogether and use my Fastmail calendar as my primary for both business & personal use (over CalDav), but with EM Client as my main Calendar Client. As such I need some more basic formatting options for EM Client to get it close to the level of gCal (with browser extensions) in terms of convenience & usability.

Michal Burger said this back in Jan '10…Coloring Weekend Days differently in the calendar

“Hi, thank you for your suggestion, this feature is in high in our road plan, so stay tuned.”

Since this feature was talked about being implemented back in 2010 I’m surprised it’s not been added yet (unless I’m missing something?).

If it’s not possible to do this now, what’s the status regarding future implementation of this?


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Can anyone give an update on this?

You can’t.

This was implemented back in 2010, but was later removed.

Is there a reason why it was removed? Surely it can be easily added as a configuration item in the Theme Editor?

That is probably something you need to ask eM Client as we are all just users here. You can find their contact details on the web site.

Ok, thanks Gary…I will try for an answer from them

I hope you keep us updated on what you find. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah interesting. I never thought about colouring the calendar differently for weekends. Cool :sunglasses:

Will do…I’ve just submitted a ticket to support requesting more info on this…

Hi, I’m raising this ticket following on from a conversation I had with ‘Gary’ on the forums regarding the disappearance of calendar weekend coloring.

Can you tell me why this feature was removed?

I’d find this and a number of other small customisations in the Theme Editor (coloring the current day, not just the selected day, for instance) very helpful in making the calendar more user-friendly. Are these planned to be (re-)added at any time?

Many thanks…


I quite often use my calendar in the “Upcoming” view. That displays the next seven days where the weekend is rarely the last two columns. Having the weekends in a different shade helps to identify non-working days at a glance.

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From chatting to support, there’s no way to achieve this at the moment. But the following partial workaround was suggested…

Thanks for this request. I think what everyone reminders as the feature where “the weekends were colored differently” is actually an effect of different coloring based on your set work week under Menu > Settings > Calendar.

You can see in the picture I’ve set my work week to Monday - Friday 9-5 and so anything outside of that is a darker grey. You can set yours to be 12-12 Monday - Friday and then just the weekends would be a different color

If you want to adjust this in the theme editor, it would be NonWorkingHoursBackground under Calendar.

Unfortunately this isn’t of much use to me as I mostly use the month view, and the workaround only applies to the week view. I’m also self-employed, so keep irregular work days / hours, and the workaround depends on setting Sat & Sun to non-work days, which is of no use to me.

Not sure if anything’s planned for the future with this, but it doesn’t look like there’ll be any way to easily highlight weekends across all calendar views any time soon.

I’ve just been told by support that this has been submitted as a feature request…

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Can a beta tester here confirm that this feature has been (or not been) implemented in a recent 8.2.x beta release?

Just because it was submitted as a feature request, doesn’t mean it will be included.

It is not in the current beta.

What I wanted to know. Thanks.