Colorated Emails

Different colors for different users in same email address.


We want to use em-client in our company like this: We have 2-3 basic email addresses and several users. Is it possible that who is reading a certain email and resolve it, can mark it red for instance, and that email to appear read to all user, even if they are using different computers…?


Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to colour code emails between multiple users, however you can use categories if both users are using the same email address. Unfortunately colour codes can’t be synchronised over the mail server, so category names will be kept, but the colours may differ.


When will this be implemented as the feature to colour emails based on criteria ie. Emails only sent to me, is extremely useful when trying to prioritise mail. With the amount of emails I have, I find it very difficult and often resort to going back to Outlook (which does have the feature) to quickly get through a backlog