collecting mails in one mail

is it possible to collect mail about the same subject in one specific mail. What I mean that when I receive multiple mails about the same subject they are collected in one mail with subfolders which contain the previous mails. Got it?

Hi, I’m not completely sure if I understand, but you can create a rule for messages that contain some exact words in subject and move the to a specified folder.
Is that what you want?

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No, that’s not what I mean. The mails about the same object should not go to specified folder. They should remain in inbox, but collected together. When you click on the mail they former mails shoulf fold out. Outlook, Iphone and Windows live mail have. If this possibility. if you still don’t know what I mean then maybe I can send you some screenshots from Iphone

You’re talking about conversation view. That’s a planned feature however there hasn’t been a set release date for the feature nor if it’s gonna be included in future releases of version 6 or if it’s gonna be a feature of future versions.

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