Collapse or hide message header

Transitioning from LiveMail I really like em Client, but I’m hoping there is a way to alter the message header. In LiveMail there is no message header, which to me is far better. All th header info would make a lot of sense to move to the bottom of the message, like a footer. Seems like a simple solution.

When I click on a email in the top section, I then see the message in the bottom. Because the header is taking up way too much space I can’t even read the message unless I move my mouse to th tiny scroll bar and move it down. Is there a more efficient way of doing this part with shortcut keys or something?.

I realize I can move the separating bar between the emails and the message, so I see much more of the message. But I like to see more emails at the top. Fixing the header would solve a lot of this.

I see complaints about the header have been going on for at least 5 years and from what I’ve found there’s still no solution. I hope I’m wrong, because this is a great program in so many ways.

One solution to see more of the message is to have the message on the right. That way you see more of the message, and more messages in the list.

Select Menu > View > Layout > Message on the right.

I didn’t think I’d like doing it that way, but this is certainly far better than dealing with the header problem. So if there are no other solutions, this will do fine. Thanks for your help