clubbing conversation replies

Dear Staff,
i am a new user and i just installed latest version with gmail via imap.
It is working very nice but i would like to optimize conversation overview.
Would be possible to club an email and its reply in the same conversation?
I received an email and replied, then i receive back a reply with R “R: …” and seems emclient does not recognise it as the reply to the original message.
Now in emclient i have 2 conversation of 2 messages while in gmail i have 1 conversation of 4 messages.
Is there something i can do to fix this issue?

eM Client uses an algorithm to determine which messages constitute a conversation. This includes the subject, but the message headers also need to include in-reply-to and reference tags that match the original. So if you just send a new message using the same subject, it will not be included in the conversation.

Hello Gary,
i am not sure i got you point, no new message has been sent, i received replies.
Anotehr example from today is that 2 colleagues replied to my email and in gmail inbox i see 1 email chain while in emclient i see 2 single replies.
The reply is automatic and the header has not be manually changed.
The only difference i can notice in emaclient is that 1 email reply has same “header” while the other has “R: header” which anyway is a common setup for reply automation.

Header and Subject are not the same thing. I guess there is some language issue. :wink:

The header information (which you will not see in eM Client) that is required to include the message as part of a conversation, will be something like:


This is in addition to the subject. If those headers are not in the message code, it might not be included even if the subject is the same. 

If you want me to look at the two messages that are not being grouped in a conversation, you can send them to me and I will look at the headers. Right-click on the messages and choose Forward > Forward as attachment. Then send them to me at