Close app with Close application to tray

Currently, with the option “Close application to tray” enabled, the only way I found is via tray icon’s context menu.

I’d like to be able to close the app via Menu > Exit as well (so basically the option will apply only to window’s Close button and Alt+F4). It’s because the tray icon is kinda small and the closing is cumbersome.

Also, on similar note, when updating the app with this option enabled the app won’t close, only minimizes to the tray and stays there.

Close to tray doesn’t actually close the application; it just puts it in the tray. It is still running the same as minimize to tray. If you want to really close the application, don’t use that option. :wink:

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Gary, that’s a nuts answer. Every other app I know that closes to tray when you hit the X has a full close function when you pull down the menu and hit Exit or Close. I don’t need to exit often, but using Task Manager to End Task annoying.

Well, you asked for the application not to close. So that is what happens.

But you can use the context menu as @mikiqex mentioned if you really want to close it.


I have also submitted a feature request to have an option added to the menu.

Nevermind, my bad, brought it up 10 mins too soon. I just noticed that if you right click on that systray icon it shows an exit option. That does fully exit the app.