Clook IMAP folder subscription

Hi, I am trying eM Client but cannot seem to make it subscribe to email folders or sub-folders that I create with a webmail client hosted on Clook.  Is this possible, or will eM Client only ever see the parent account folder and the Special Folders?

Hi Richard, folder subscription is currently not a supported feature in eM Client, we’re considering adding the feature to future releases.

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Hi, Paul

Ive also mentioned this but I got negative feedback from support about adding the feature. I find it strange because basically all imap clients let you sign/unsign to folders. Since emclient doesnt, a series of problems occur. For example, if I create a new folder in emclient, afterlogic webmail doesnt understand it, I have to do a hard refresh in Afterlogic. Issue doesnt happen with other clients.

Also, during migrations, qmail doesnt understand that im signed up to folders created in EMC, so I have to sign up to them manually.

Pls consider the feature, IMHO its really needed and a standard in the industry… Surely all email clients, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. have it for a reason.


Hi again Robert, thank you for your input on the issue, we’ll make sure to take your thoughts into account.
However please note that the setup you’re using is very specific and this issue does not occur with other (more common) mail services such as Gmail, Exchange and others.

But I completely understand your concerns and I’ll be happy to forward these concerns regarding folder subscription to the developers.

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Thank you, Paul. I just think you guys could follow the standard other clients follow, surely theres a reason for clients having option to sign/unsign to folders.

This is another of the reasons why EMC is not ready for a business environment.

Home users.  Yes.  Business… no.