Client wont download emails off server STOPED 17th Jan cant fix

Hi help full people

Ive not been able to get messages off the mail server for months now ive tryed reinstalling em client over the top a few times ive checked with my provider and there is no limitations on there end.

how do i roll back to a version that worked before the 17th jan and keep my mail files?

miƩrcoles 15 marzo 2023 :: 1221hrs (UTC +0100)

First, you will need to tell us who is your email provider and the version of eMC in use.
Can you send mail?
In the short term access your mail using webmail via your browser where you may be able to archive any mail that is still there until your connection issue is resolved.
What is the most recent eMC Backup you have presuming you have been making backups?

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