Client keeps asking for uid/pw for Exchange Server

I am running the latest client (6.0.21372) and every time my refresh interval comes up the UID/PW prompt comes up.  No matter how many times I click “OK” the box pops back up.  If I choose cancel it goes away and everything seems to work normally until it pops back up again at the next refresh.  I should say that it appears that email is coming in without issue, calendar is syncing, etc . 

Looking at the log, there isn’t anything except the following entry each time I clicked OK:

7:55:00 PM Conference Board [Offline Address Book]  Synchronizing folder list

Thoughts?  Thanks!


Hi Louis, please update your application to this release, and navigate to your account settings and disable your offline address book synchronization by unchecking “enable service” under Offline Address Book tab.

Hope this helps,

Can you tell me, what am I losing by unchecking that setting? Is this an emclient issue or an issue with the way my administrators have our server configured?

Hi Louis, this issue can occur when the Offline Address Book service is unavailable, or the setup server address has not been setup correctly on the server. Disabling the synchronization, won’t disable Contacts sync, but you won’t have your GAL available for offline use.


I very much appreciate this. I just ran into the same problem and disabling this seems to have fixed the issue for me.

Since this bug is 4 years old, it would be nice if the Mac-version just didn’t have the feature – alternatively, had a warning about it.