Client groups random mails together in one thread - help?

So i have 4 emails attachet to my client which is great, and as a business owner, i get request mails from my website. ALl is fine and well i get the mails, i reply etc and nothing is wrong… Except for sometimes, and i dont know why or what happens, but the client groups mails from different people TOGETHER in one thread, making it super annoying to keep track of individual customers mails and orders.

Not always tho? most mails just get their own thread with reply mails back and forth but half of the time, a new mails is being recieved and for some reason added to an existing thread for no apparant reason. can be a month old mail correspondence even.

Anyone knows why and or how to turn it off or force every mail to get its own thread?

Best Regards

Sounds like you have activated conversation-mode. If you have, have you tried turning conversation-mode off?

In case you are not familiar with settings:
Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Conversations

the mails i get are from a fillout form from my website so the have the same sender mail. BUT sometimes it shows them as single solo mails and SOMETIMES it just groups random mails together making it super annoying and retarded to manage.

conversations still dont matter as the mails are still grouped together as 1 line of mails if i turn it off…

Also i cant unhinge the mails! they are stuck for no reason and i cant puyll out the different mails and make seperate mail lines either… program just pushed them at random together into random mail groups!

all those mails are different mails from different times just grouped together… deactivating conversation mode keeps them together and i dont know how to make them seperate