click taskbar icon takes two clicks to get EMclient to come up

Just reporting this for bug feedback, since the most recent update (7.2.34062.0), many times when I click on the taskbar icon to bring EMclient up, I instead hear my generic alert tone, then second click shows EMclient.  Not other messages or issues reported, seems to be a focus issue.

I also see the same issue.  It seems to occur when a new message arrives while the program is minimized.  I am a pro user, so I will submit a ticket.

eM Client support responded by saying they are aware of the problem and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Well, nearly a year later, I am finding this happens to me several times a day.  EMclient is not focused or behind other windows.  A click to the taskbar icon gives a alert tone, but does nothing.  Second click to it brings it up.  It then works ok for a little while.  Pretty annoying, it would be great to hear this has moved up on the list of items.

Still seeing this as well even after a new pc build… Will it ever get fixed, its very annoying.

Are you using v8?  It doesn’t seem to be a problem in new version.

Had no idea the beta was out, thanks!!