Clarify license changes when upgrading from 9.x Pro to 10.x


I must admit that I am a little confused in relation to changing in licensing model and its impact on upgrade.

My understanding is the following:

9.x Pro license - Could be used on one (1) device
10.x Personal license - Could be used on three (3) devices.

“Upgrade to version 10”.
Does it mean that:
- It will be upgraded to “Personal”.
- After upgrade I will be able to use it on 3 devices

The similar question is for “Lifetime Upgrade” case. Does it mean that 3 devices restriction will be also applied.


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Your existing license, even if you upgrade it to 10 or lifetime upgrades, is still for 1 device only.

The Personal license is something new. You can’t upgrade an existing license to a Personal license. Sorry.