Chromebook can't access camera to read QR code

As a long-time user of eM Client for the PC, I was very happy to see an app for the Android and Chromebook now. While the QR Export worked a treat on my phone, the same was not true for my acer Chromebook. The acer only has a front facing camera and when the option of scanning a QR code to import my multiple account settings, I only see a black screen and cannot scan the QR code (like the camera were covered). I’ve checked the settings (even tried changing the permissions to ask me every time to ensure I grant access) but no change. Again, works great on a phone, any tips?

Currently the Android version is supported on Mobiles and Tablets, but not Chromebooks as yet. That will be at a later date as per this recent thread post below from @Michal_Burger at eM Client.

So suggest to keep an eye out on the eM Client blog page for Android updates and also email any current issues with the Android app to [email protected] as per the latest Android and iOS blog