Chrome 45 doesn't support Silverlight and doesn;t work


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Hello Everyone,

I;m unable to use because Chrome doesn;t support Silverlight and the workaround to enable NPAPI plugin at the Chrome settings is not available anymore at Chrome version 45 because Chrome has removed the NPAPI plugin at Chrome 45
Are you working on a alternative to reach out on the Chrome browser

Best regards,

Geert Van Osch

With Firefox it’s still possible.
But we just expect a lot of problems when it says:

Hello, unfortunately the NPAPI feature has been deprecated of the new release of Chrome, by default you should be able to use Silverlight in Internet Explorer which should include extended support for this technology. We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on improvements for this feature. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Hello,Will there come soon a new licensing system wich is not using silverlight because Chrome and the new Edge browser deprecated the use of the NPAPI feature,only the old internet explorer does have extended support for the NPAPI technologie

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Geert Van Osch