Choose the Account from which invitations are sent or accepted

Hello –

How can I go about choosing which email account I send a meeting invite? I am operating under a few different business names and I want to be able to select which account is sending the calendar invitation.

Same applies to acceptance of invitations. I have my personal calendar set up as the default (which is good – as that is where I want everything consolidated) but I am not sure that my acceptances are being sent from the email account in which the invitations were received.

I am using Google for both email and calendar.


The invitations are sent by the server, corresponding to the email account for that Google Calendar where you create the event.

Thanks Gary. Is there any way to set the invitation email to be sent via the client (so that the user may designate from which email address the invitation is being sent)?

To have eM Client send the invitation, you need to create the event in a Local Folder calendar.
In that case the default email account will be used to send the invitation.