Choose font to use to read plain text messages

It would be nice to be able to specify the font to use to read plain text messages in the same way as you can chose the interface font.

Actually, it is already implemented. Go to: Tools - Settings - Read
here you can choose preferred style.

It is only partially implemented as far as I can see hence my suggestion. What is needed is to be able to choose the font for plain text messages separate from the default font for other messages or am I missing the point of this box and it is actually setting the font for all plain text messages and not just plain text fixed width messages?

I agree with George that the capability appears to be implemented. However, there is something related that does not appear to be implemented.

Specifically, if I receive a plain text email message and reply, the font used is the font specified in Tools - Settings - Compose. So, when I am reading the message I see one font, but then when I reply to the message, the compose window uses an entirely different font.

Since I use Courier New for plain text fonts and often use that for source code, etc. it’s very important that spacing is fixed-width. So, I have no trouble reading messages, but I cannot compose them properly.

I can change the compose font to Courier New, but then all my HTML messages use Courier New. Likewise, that’s not desirable. One should be able to select a plain text font for reading and a plain text AND HTML font for composing. Plus, when replying to a plain text message, the compose window should look like a plain text message.

OK, I will discuss it with our developers and will ask them if they can provide a quick fix/solution.

Hi all and happy new year 2024!

Sorry for warming up this old thread.
Now, using version 9.2.2202 on Mac, I can do this:

Preferences > Mail > Read > Preferred font for messages: (which is whatever is fine)
…and uncheck the option Use preferred font for fixed-width plain text messages

With that done, plain text messages appear properly in fixed text BUT I would like to have a dedicated preference to change the plain text font.

The default plain text font is Courier, which is hard to read on Hi-DPI screens. So I would either suggest adding a preference for this, or setting a more sensible 2020s default, like Menlo on Mac and Consolas on Windows.


I added a feature request for this to their Sleekplan page:

Please feel free to upvote it or comment on it!