check for update no update available

I am on version 7.1.30794.0.  I am seeing others with later versions than this, but when I do a check for update I get “there is no update available.”  Is this feature only for major updates?  Is there a place I can go to see version history?  Thanks

You can find a complete version history at

Clicking on the version number allows you to download that version.

Thanks Gary, I hadn’t seen that page before.  However, this person… is a 7.1.3154 - they are complaining about it not running right so I don’t know if I want their problems ;)  However this version .3154 is not lsited.  Is that an internal build?

I don’t see any update to the version you mentioned

It is not yet listed.

Occasionally, eM Client will send a specific user a link to an unreleased version if that version addresses a problem being experienced by that user.  Since it has not necessarily gone though their full testing, they won’t release it to the public.

Additionally, they don’t always push minor updates to all users, which is required to access the update through eM Client.  The best way to check is to go the website Gary mentions above. 

Every time I open EM client, I receive a box in the lower right hand corner that reads "New update Available. There is a new update to version 7.2.34711.0 available. Do you want to install it? Yes No More Info.  It doesn’t matter which I choose. The box goes away and nothing happens. Please advise.

Hi Karen,

This is a known bug. Please update from the release history: